Our Philosophy

We believe in uncovering the best places and providing you with the most unique and memorable cultural experiences. At Arts & Travel, we pride ourselves on understanding the power of the “wow factor” and believe in providing unique, personal experiences like a private museum viewing or even dinner with royalty,which will give you and your group enough stories to last a lifetime.

From our base in Europe, we work closely with a huge network of cultural institutions, individual experts and specialist guides. We understand the art world and have designed a myriad of travel programs across the globe. From a visit to the inner-sanctum of a well-known artist in South America to a curator-led after hours tour of one of the best-known museums in the world, we can deliver on all manner of special events. We have worked with a number of leading designers, architects, fashion houses, historians, artists, writers and photographers to ensure that you get the most in-depth and exclusive cultural experience possible.

Our attention to detail does not only extend to the cultural world. We utilise the finest hotels, painstakingly research the very best restaurants, and work only with the most qualified guides. Before embarking on a trip with a group, we personally test out every hotel and restaurant in consideration for your trip. Everything is always visited, tested and experienced to ensure that everything we use has been carefully chosen for you. We ensure that we regularly research new and exciting places and keep close relationships with the owners. We owe this level of care and attention to you.